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Project : Mediglotte

Mediglotte is a student project, created in February 2014 in Nimes (France). This is a non-profit, independent project, based on the free sharing of knowledge. It is independent of any agency, public or private.


The basic idea is to provide a solution to an everyday problem in the healthcare system : the language barrier. It happens quite often that patients who do not speak a word of English, would go to some medical facilities: when there is no emergency, you may ask for a professionnal's translation, a relative, or at least a speaker of the concerned language.
But otherwise, you must act quickly, and alone.
And in that case, you will need Mediglotte: with its extensive database of vocabulary, containing all the principal issues of emergency clinical examination, it is the new essential tool for any medic/paramedic.
Mediglotte may also find its place in field missions abroad, or in foster tourists/migrants structures in order to detect a medical emergency and alert a care center.

The idea is not innovative; other applications or sites already exist, but they usually are quite expensive
Moreover, Mediglotte doesn't focuse on specialist vocabulary, but on a more general approach, thus provinding much more languages than any other existing app/site. The secondary objective is to promote a free exchange of knowledge between health professionals from all around the world: it is a kind of Wikipedia, for medical vocabulary.
The project started as a solo project, but it would never has been possible without the help of many friends, acquaintances, or associates.
If you wish to participate, add a missing language, correct some point / errors or submit any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact me !

All data used in Mediglotte can be downloaded from this site and used freely. But if you liked the app and the website, please promote it and share it around you !


In other words, Mediglotte features more than 300 words & sentences per languages​​, sorted by topics, in nearly 30 languages ​​around the world : a database of more than 10,000 words. 
All translations were made by native speakers (no automatic translation !), plus a phonetic transcription adapted to English-speakers.
There is no need for internet connection, all data is embedded in the app.
Navigation is simple, clear and instinctive. No crash, no bug, no wasted time.


So far, Mediglotte is the world's largest medical translation app, for the number of languages available.



Pierre Alexis Balaz, creator and developer of Mediglotte