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How to use Mediglotte ?


Some details and recommandations :  

- For languages ​​using the Latin alphabet, but with a difficult pronunciation, you will find the translation, and next to it the phonetic transcription "in quotes" .

- In Turkish, " ı " has been transcripted "i" phonetically , for a better understanding. In practice, it is a sound somewhere between the "i" and "ö" , a kind of "i" pronunced with the back of the throat.

- The German "ö" is like the French "eu"

- In general, the "r" is rolled , except in French and German.

- In phonetic transcriptions , all the "e" is pronounced "é" , and all letters are pronounced , unless otherwise stated to the top (Albanian, Swedish ... )

- The sound " kh " is the like clearing your throat , as "j" in Spanish or "ch" in German.

- For languages ​​using a non- Latin alphabet, you will find the phonetic transcription and translation. All letters are pronunced, except otherwise stated.

It is recommended to use carefully the terms for genitals and / or sexual practices : it is a subject annoying or offensive in some cultures , even in a medical context ...