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 Adela Mahboubi

 Lorenzo Cinti
 Alis-Alexandra Gusa
 Joseph Ko
 Ana Dzakula
 Maria Jivegård
 Carlos Sermeño
 Daniel Suk
 Laurent Richaud
 Nikolas Kalodoukas
 Reena Purret
 Ana Barjašić
 Lamia Jouini
 Audrey Sanchez & L'ADEJO
 Laurent Terrijn
 Ahmad Adi
 Tania Pietrobon
 Giovanni Van Empel
 Alisia Muresan
 Cliff Khalil
 Bader Al Taweel
 Ahmed-Ali El Ahmadi
 Eleonora Salakos
 Sertac Karatas
 Khadichat Guenoieva
 Henri Brandenburg
 Irina Cherciu
 Zakaria Mahi
 Khaled Ammar
 Monika Kosińska
 Arthur Malet
 Cecilia Cofais
 Lisa Krech
 Asma Benabdelaziz
 Rocky Osaki
 Anja Kovač

 Solen Raymond
 Steve Vilhem
 Steeve Chevreux
 Joanna Makkonen
 Cosmin Mesesan 
 Olga Verchinina
 Julien Hermann
 Nicolas Prieur-Blanc
 Karim Hachem
 Ranj M. Najm
 Faraedon Kaftan
 Atina-Temida Valtcheva

 Samia Lahya
 Nicolas Robinson Andrade
 Tobias Kiehl
 Mansour Thiombane
 Hajnalka Toth
 Charifa Aboubi
 Veronika Bychkov

 The next one may be you !

What about me ?

My name is Pierre Alexis Balaz, and I am starting my residency in medicine (as a GP) in Marseille (France), after 6 years of studies in Nimes (France)

After a childhood between France and Scotland, I spent my teenagehood in Athens (Greece), untill the end of High School. Then, I returned to France to study at the University of Medicine of Montpellier-Nimes.
Although my mother-language is French, I speak English, Spanish (B2 diploma level) and of course Modern Greek (C2 diploma level).
I had the chance to travel a lot, and to meet incredible people from all around the world.
Through these trips and/or internships rotations, I had the opportunity to discover new cultures, new languages (Arabic, Hebrew...), and an alternative approach to global medicine and healthcare.

After my rotation in the E.R (Emergency Room), I started thinking about the creation of a lexicon with translations of common/emergency medical terms, in the foreign languages I encountered in Nimes. But I quickly abandoned the idea of a book/leaflet, to consider the digital format, and especially the creation of a mobile app, including as many languages ​​as possible. Mediglotte was born!


I hope that you will enjoy visiting this website, and especially using the application Mediglotte !